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Scott B Bennett

Scott B Bennett

Pataskala, OH


July 24th 2013 Updated
Here you'll find a trio of artist/photographers who are self taught in both art work and photography,Though art work was a passion at young ages and
one of us was honored with their art work being display'd in the childrens museum in Dallas Tx,at the age of 9,it has grown from there over the year's
art work was given as gift's for birthdays,wedding and such,and yes there were pieces sold to friends eighter for themself's but usually as gifts for other's.Never Having time to display or sell art work else where the possibility was never pursued,until 2012 when friends suggested FAA.Looking into it was worth the shot,We had just started landscape photography the year before as a hobby with hopes it would go further Less then two year's later .We have 5 other site's besides FAA.Work was chosen for Under the Top Hat magaizine and the piece Evening Approach was published
We were chosen as well as one of 50 phtographers to watch in 2013.
And Recived a Great Honor of having our work "Awaiting Mate" published in
"Reflections,A Collection Of Art"Art Impressions Publishing ,Inc( This Artbook is sold world wide and all the Top Art gallery's have hard and digital copy's for display,
We currently have near 1200 images here on FAA.since Aug 2012, over 83,000 visitor's On FAA, 1000's in each of following sites of tweet's,pinster's,facebook likes,google plus like's,221 piece of work Featured with Group's and nearly all of them are featured by more then one group.Hundreds of wonderful comments from fellow artist in which we deeply value because we even drool over some of their work's.We Thank you for your intrest in us and hope you find art to enjoy.



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